“A completely different art program”, “The show has great historical and cultural values” … These are some of many compliments paid by popular tourism companies after attending an event promoting Shen Yun Performing Arts in Hanoi on Mar 1, 2018 at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel.

Today when travelling from one country to another, from one continent to the others is no longer a challenge, tourism becomes an indispensable form of entertainment for people in modern life. Especially, it has recently become a new trend for tourism companies to organize tours that incorporates traditional culture and art performances, that enriches and makes the tours more meaningful. Bearing in mind the wish to bridge different cultures internationally and at the same time to contribute to reviving noble traditional culture values, Viet My Traditional Culture Co. with blessing from Shen Yun Office in New York, has with Blue Ocean Tour Co. co-organized the event to introduce Shen Yun Performing Arts to more than 50 travel companies in Hanoi.

One of featuring guests of the event, popular fashion designer La Hang, also recalled her feelings of Shen Yun show in Taiwan. For her, Shen Yun seemed to be exceptionally special and impressive. Thus last February, she has invited her colleagues and staff to join a tour with her and her family to Taiwan to experience Shen Yun performance. La Hang said: “I told my two sons who were studying in the US that you might not come home in the summer but you should definitely come home in February to accompany mommy and my colleagues to watch Shen Yun. My staff were also invited to go see Shen Yun. After coming home, they all heartily expressed their gratefulness for the chance to see the show”.

La Hang (right), a popular fashion designer

Most recently, Ms. Nguyen Thu Van, former director of Vaccine and Biological Products Company No. 1 under the Vietnam Ministry of Health, a doctorate of medicine, has come back from a show of Shen Yun 2018 in Taiwan in late February. Her memory and feelings of Shen Yun live performance remained fresh at the event. She also expressed her wish “to take my offsprings and relatives to see the show. At the same time I will also recommend Shen Yun to my friends so they could watch the performance themselves”.

Ms. Nguyen Thu Van (right), a professor, doctorate of medicine

Having directly listened to various audience experience and feelings at the event, also watched video clips introducing about Shen Yun Performing Arts, the invited guests could partly appreciate the featured values of the art show. Deploying borderless language of music and dance, Shen Yun has been able to transfuse traditional culture spirit to any ethnics that enable them to fully appreciate the performances. Those includes folk dances, which take audiences on journeys to majestic Tibetan plateau, long riverside villages of the Thai ethnic group, or vast Mongolian prairie. It can also be the most popular legends from ancient times like Journey to the West, Nezha, Wusong; or such noble characters whose virtues are very well admired in modern life as the heroine Mulan, undisputed general Han Xin, loyalist Yue Fei, etc.

Dance piece Mu Lan

Dance piece Han Xin

Dance piece Yue Fei

Many tourism companies’ representatives attending the event were deeply touched. They believe that incorporating Shen Yun shows into their tour itinerary will definitely bring their customers most valuable experience. Mr. Phung Gia Tuan, Director of America Discovery Travel Company said: “I am most impressed with Shen Yun dance spirit which is very special. It is entirely different from other shows I’ve seen. I have a plan this March to go to the US, and now have promised myself that I will definitely go see Shen Yun in California. I want to experience it first, then share it with my family, friends and clients”

Mr Phung Gia Tuan, Director of America Discovery Travel Company

Ms. Cao Hong Nhung, Assistant Director of F5 Travel Company said: “What impresses me most is the spirit, that is, the spirit of Shen Yun’s performance. It brings the values of Truth, Compassion and Beauty to everyone”.

Ms. Cao Hong Nhung, Assistant Director of F5 Travel Company

Mr. Nguyen Trung Quan, Director of AVITOUR Hanoi also commented: “This is a very special, quality and well-invested program that has great historical and cultural values. The dancers, the costumes and the music are all very impressive. Hopefully the program will soon be in Vietnam”.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Quan, Director of AVITOUR Hanoi

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa, director of Viet Dream Travel Company exclaimed: “Very impressive the performers! Especially their facial expressions! They can jump so high but their expressions remain so graceful; The music is also very good”. Sharing the same feeling as Ms. Hoa’s, Mr. Ho Xuan Phuc, director of HaNo Tour Company, said:” The dancers’ movements are always complicated, but their bearing while on the stage was very natural, they did not look tired or tense”.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa, director of Viet Dream Travel Company

Ms. Do Nguyen Huyen, Director of Seoul Tourism Company, who has many years of experience in organizing tours to Korea, shared, “There is something hard to say, having watched just some video excerpts made me want to see how 2 hours of actual performance would be like. I will register family for a trip to Korea to watch this show. ”

Ms. Do Nguyen Huyen, Director of Seoul Tourism Company

Ms. Quach Hong Nhung, Director of Blue Ocean Tourism Company, who has been active in the field of international tourism for more than 10 years, has been incorporating Shen Yun Performances in the company tours to Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Australia. Having seen Shen Yun in Australia and New Zealand, Nhung feels that this is a great show and wants to share it with her clients. She said, “I feel fortunate for having the chances to watch such outstanding shows. So I had decided that this art program should definitely be included in my company’s tours. I want to share this happiness with my customers. ”

Ms. Quach Hong Nhung, Director of Blue Ocean Tourism Company

Sharing the same feelings as Ms. Nhung’s, F5 Travel Company’s Assistant Director said: “F5 Travel is one of many companies organizing tours for Vietnamese people especially in the Northern Vietnam to Taiwan. In fact, watching Shen Yun performance has been included in our company’s travel program since 2015 for 3 years now. Our clients’ reviews after the show were very impressive. Therefore, we would also like to incorporate this program into other new tours to Japan or Korea other than Taiwan”. Taiwan, a country close to Vietnam, traveling to which is quite convenient, easily makes the top choice for Vietnamese visitors. Many visitors consider a trip to Taiwan, where traditional culture is still retained, and seeing Shen Yun Performing Arts becomes their indispensable spiritual food every year. Ms La Hang, a loyal customer of F5, said: “Next year I will go see it again, the following year I will also go, as long as my health permits, I will still go”. Many travel agencies’ representatives also hope to soon include Shen Yun Performing Arts shows to their tour schedule. Mr. Phung Gia Tuan, director of America Discovery Tourism Company, confided: “In the past, I did not pay attention to this art program while my company also organized many cultural tours that included such art shows in the US as Paris By Night or Las Vegas talk shows for Vietnamese tourists. But after today, I will have to change my mind and look at how to organize tours for Vietnamese traveling to the United States, which will incorporate more art shows, especially this Shen Yun performing arts show” Mr. Ho Xuan Phuc, director of HaNo Tour, added, “Shen Yun will definitely be part of our tours to the countries where Shen Yun is performing”

Mr. Ho Xuan Phuc, Director of HaNo Tour Company

At the end of the event, the organizers dedicated 2 gifts to two lucky guests, which were a pair of Shen Yun tickets to see Shen Yun Performing Arts in California and the other pair is for a Shen Yun show in an European city. The lucky ones are Ms. Bui Thanh Huyen, Deputy Director of Thuan An – Ascend Travel Company and Ms. Jessica Nguyen, Director of Southeast Asia Travel & Service. Interestingly, Ms. Huyen already had a plan to go to the US in late March and said she would definitely not miss this top-notch art show. Huyen expressed: “I feel very happy and lucky to win these tickets, and it’s so coincident that I have had a plan to the US on March 25. I will definitely use these tickets in the shortest time! ”

Ms. Bui Thanh Huyen, Deputy Director of Thuan An – Ascend Travel Company

Ms. Jessica also felt very lucky to receive the gift and said she would try to make a trip to Europe soon to enjoy the show.

Ms. Jessica Nguyen, Director of Southeast Asia Travel & Service Company

After the event, many guests also left their comments in the event guestbook. Mr. Phung Quang Loc wrote: “This was the first time I learned about Shen Yun Performing Arts, I deeply admired the scale and bearing of the performers. I will arrange our calendar for me and my family to go see it”. Ms. Nguyen Thuy Dung expressed: “After all, I think this is a wonderful show. I will definitely go see it”. Ms. Tran Quynh Anh, Director of Vietparadise Travel Company wrote:” I am eager and looking forward to seeing Shen Yun in the near future! I wish Shen Yun to bring so much spiritual value to people everywhere in the world! ” Ms. Hoang Thi Tuan Anh, Deputy Director of F5 Travel exclaimed: “Such a great Shen Yun introduction! I hope everyone will have a chance to enjoy this most mesmerizing art show on earth!” Every year, Shen Yun performs more than 500 shows in nearly 150 cities across five continents. In the United States, Europe, Australia and many parts of Asia, especially Japan and Taiwan, Shen Yun is greeted by millions with standing ovations in the world’s top theaters. Shen Yun can touch the hearts and awake all the senses of even the toughest audiences, because these performing arts convey the core values of humankind, elicit our purest and most compassionate and beautiful nature. So, why not try traveling to explore new lands and also to enjoy the top notch Shen Yun Performing Arts? Other photos of the event

An introduction to Shen Yun Performing Arts at the Metropole Hotel, Hanoi on the afternoon of March 1, 2018

At the reception table

In the auditorium

Family of Ca Tru singer Pham Thi Hue

Guests taking pictures

Taking photo with Ms. La Hang, fashion designer

Guests handwriting in the guest book

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